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How to Care for Your Matte Car Wrap

Matte car wraps are a striking option that can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd and leave an instant impression on viewers. A matte finish absorbs more light than gloss finishes, making it a great choice for vibrant or dark colors alike. If you have considered having a matte wrap installed on your…

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Benefits of Wrapping Your Tesla

Category: Vehicle Wraps

If you have recently purchased a Tesla vehicle, you may have considered purchasing a high-quality vinyl wrap for it. While these wraps are widely regarded as cosmetic, a well-designed vinyl wrap from a reputable installer can provide several benefits for your new vehicle. As a leading provider of custom full vehicle wraps for personal use…

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3 Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Car Wrap

If you have recently purchased a vinyl wrap for your vehicle or are looking for a vehicle wrap, it is crucial to learn about proper cleaning and care techniques. Failure to care for your wrap can result in damage such as fading, rips, and bubbling, each of which can reduce the usable life of your…

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Wrapping vs. Painting a Truck

If you are considering changing the appearance of your truck, it can be difficult to determine if painting or wrapping is the right choice for your needs. While both methods can be used to achieve the same purpose, each option has a unique set of benefits and potential drawbacks to consider. As a leading provider…

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Types of Wrap Finishes

If you are considering purchasing a vinyl wrap for your personal or business vehicle, there are many factors to consider before settling on a final design. In addition to colors, patterns, and the material used, it is important to consider your options for wrap finishes. Understanding the different types of wrap finishes and their unique…

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What Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?

If you have wondered what a vehicle wrap costs, you may be disappointed to learn that there is no simple answer to this question. With so many variables for each wrap project, the final price can fluctuate based on several factors. Whether you are looking at partial or full vehicle wraps, it is important to…

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Are Car Wraps a Good Choice for Small Businesses?

When it comes to partial and full vehicle wraps for business advertising, many people think that this solution is only suitable for larger companies. While large businesses with multiple company vehicles certainly benefit from quality vinyl wraps, small businesses can reap many of the same benefits by helping promote their business to local clients. As…

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4 Tips for Designing the Perfect Car Wrap

Category: Vehicle Wraps

If you are looking at creating a vinyl wrap for your daily driver or business vehicle, it can be difficult to create an appealing and cohesive design. From the materials and finish to images and text, there are many elements to consider when creating a personal car wrap or business vehicle wrap. As leading providers…

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When Should You Replace Your Car Wrap?

If you already have a high-quality car wrap on your personal or company vehicle, it can be difficult to justify the purchase and installation of a new wrap. While every partial and full-vehicle wrap from Wrap Guys America is designed to deliver lasting durability, image quality, and longevity, they do not last forever. That is…

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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Vehicle Wrap Provider

If you are considering a partial or full vehicle wrap for your sedan, truck, or work van, it is important to partner with a provider that can deliver a high-quality solution. Whether you are looking for a business wrap or personal wrap, a skilled installer can ensure that your vehicle looks great for years to…

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