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What You Need to Know about Matte Car Wraps

There are many great ways to get your vehicle noticed using a vinyl car wrap, and one of the best ways to draw eyes is to use a matte car wrap. Matte car wraps give a vehicle a cool, modern, dull look that accentuates the lines of the vehicle and makes it seem to absorb light more than other vehicles. At Wrap Guys America, we offer car wrap design and installation services for all kinds of vehicles and we are always happy to tell people anything they might want to know about matte car wraps.

matte car wrap

How do Matte Car Wraps Work?

Most car wraps are designed with a glossy finish that reflects light, much like most paint jobs. Unlike other vehicle wraps, the surface of matte wrap material is covered in tiny divots and dimples, creating a rougher texture that comes out looking dull rather than shiny. Most matte wraps have a slightly sandy feel when compared with most other vehicles. This rough surface reflects light less evenly than a standard wrap or paint finish, making for a very unique look.

What are the different types of vinyl wrap finishes?

Design Options for Matte Car Wraps

Matte vehicle wraps have essentially the same design options as any vehicle wrap. Although many people prefer to have a simple solid colored matte wrap for their vehicles, it is possible to print a custom design onto a matte wrap as well in order to advertise for a company or to enhance the custom look of a car.

When should you replace your car wrap?

The Cost of Matte Wraps

The price tag of a matte car wrap will depend on various factors. The size of the vehicle being wrapped and the make and model will be the main influencers, as this determines how much material will be needed. Matte wraps will almost always be less expensive than a matte paint finish and they tend not to get damaged as easily.

Cleaning a Matte Wrap

Matte car wraps require special attention during cleaning. It is important to avoid waxing a matte car wrap, as wax can fill in the microscopic dents that give the wrap its dull, rough look, ruining the wrap. Most vehicle soaps also have wax in them, so make sure that extra care is taken when cleaning a matte car wrap. Unlike with other vehicle finishes, the goal with a matte car wrap is not to make your car shine.

Learn how to properly care for a matte car wrap.

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