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Replacing Your Vehicle Wrap

Whether your company’s information changes or the original car wrap eventually wears down, a time may come when replacing your vehicle wrap becomes necessary. Although removing a vinyl vehicle wrap is a simple procedure, it is best handled by professionals to avoid doing any damage to your vehicle’s paint job. At Wrap Guys America, we have over 25 years of experience with the application and removal of every type of vinyl wrap and our wrap services produce results that last.

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Vehicle Wrap Replacement Procedure

Provided that your previous vehicle wrap used high-quality vinyl wrapping material, replacing a car wrap is fairly simple and can be done without damaging the vehicle’s paint. At Wrap Guys America, we use only the highest quality 3M vinyl for our vehicle wraps, meaning that any wrap can be removed without worry. The stages for vehicle wrap replacements are:

New Vinyl Wrap Design

Knowing what the replacement vinyl wrap design will look like is the first step to getting a new vehicle wrap. If the vinyl wrap replacement is going to be an exact copy of the old one with minor changes to company information, it will take much less time to produce than if the entire design is being updated. If changes to the vehicle wrap are minor, Wrap Guys America can design overlays that coordinate with the current wrap to save your company money.

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Vinyl Wrap Removal

To avoid damaging the vehicle, leaving a residue that can be difficult to clean, or any other complications, vinyl wrap removal should be done by experienced professionals. To remove a vehicle wrap, the vinyl is first heated to make it and the adhesive more malleable. Using the proper peeling tools that allow the technician to grip a wide surface of the vinyl film, the vinyl wrap is slowly peeled back at about a 45-degree angle. A common problem that people run into when they attempt to unwrap their own vehicle is the separation of the vinyl and the laminate while peeling the wrap. If this happens, it can be very difficult to finish unwrapping a vehicle. An experienced vehicle wrapping company will be familiar with this problem and have a variety of solutions in place to combat it.

Vinyl Wrap Application

The final stage of replacing a vehicle wrap is the application of the new vinyl wrap. Before applying a new vehicle wrap, the vehicle is meticulously cleaned to ensure that no residue remains from the previous wrap. The new vinyl membrane is then slowly applied to the vehicle, panel by panel. Technicians are careful to clear out any air bubbles and ensure that all decals are applied at the proper angle.

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To learn more about replacing your vehicle wrap, or to inquire about any of our vehicle wrap services, contact Wrap Guys America at 1-360-329-5413 or fill out a contact form on our website and we will get back to you.

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