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Full Wraps vs. Partial Wraps

When it comes to advertising your business, it can be difficult to choose between a full wrap and a partial wrap for your vehicle. Though each option has several advantages, the effectiveness of a wrap will vary based on many different factors. As leading providers of full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps, Wrap Guys America understands how difficult it can be to determine the right choice. That is why our experts have compiled some information comparing full wraps vs. partial wraps for business advertising to help you make an informed decision.

Partial vs. Full Car Wrap

Which Type of Wrap is Best for Your Needs?

A well-designed and attractive vehicle wrap is an effective method of advertising. While full and partial vehicle wraps are both great choices for advertising, certain businesses may be better suited to one option over another. Understanding the unique perks of each type of wrap will allow you to choose the best option for your business.

Follow these 4 tips for designing the perfect car wrap.

Full Wraps

A full wrap covers every aspect of your vehicle from the hood and trunk to the doors and roof. While full wraps are often more expensive than partial wraps, they can create a cohesive and uniform image for your brand. Full wraps essentially transform your work vehicle into a mobile billboard, catching the attention of drivers and pedestrians to generate more leads. A full wrap typically lasts longer than a partial wrap and allows you to change the color of your vehicle to match your company colors without the use of paint. Full wraps are an excellent choice for companies with larger advertising budgets that want a long-term marketing solution.

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Partial Wraps

Partial wraps utilize a series of decals on key areas of the vehicle—the hood, sides, and trunk—to cover 25 to 75 percent of the surface. These wraps allow you to integrate the original color of the car into your design by making the transition between the wrap and paint seamless. A partial vehicle wrap is typically cheaper than a full wrap and is easier to change if you need to update any marketing information. If your business has a modest advertising budget or you predict that your brand image will change soon, a partial wrap is a great choice.

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