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Can I Install My Own Vinyl Car Wrap?

At Wrap Guys America, we have been wrapping vehicles for over 25 years, and our experience has equipped us to know exactly what to be prepared for when installing a vinyl wrap. A question that we occasionally get asked is “can I install my own vinyl car wrap?” to which the answer is that you absolutely can. There are many different DIY kits available for wrapping a vehicle; however, many problems can arise when vinyl wrapping your own vehicle, so it is important to talk to a professional before getting started in order to know your options.

can you vinyl wrap your own car

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Is it Possible to Install Your Own Car Wrap?

It is entirely possible to get a DIY kit and install your own vinyl car wrap. There are many extremely affordable kits available, but it is important to consider what the risks are when doing your own work. Some things to think about when deciding whether to wrap your own vehicle or have a professional wrap installer do the work include:

Cost of Time

Because professional vehicle wrappers have experience in their trade, they are typically able to install a vehicle wrap much faster than somebody with a DIY kit. Knowing what your time is worth before getting started is important, as vehicle wraps can be quite time consuming to install. It is also important to factor in the amount of time that will be spent fixing possible mistakes.

Why should you have your car wrap installed by a pro?

Quality of the End Product

One of the biggest reasons to have a vehicle wrapped by a professional is for the quality of the job being done. Vinyl wrap professionals typically use high-quality materials and their experience lends to a more seamless finish than many first-time installers can achieve on their own.

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Ongoing Costs

Although vinyl wraps are extremely durable, it is possible for them to become damaged. If you install your own vehicle wrap and something happens that causes damage, if a detail was missed in installation, or if a corner starts peeling, you are on the hook for your own repairs; however, many installers will take care of the issue for you at no additional cost.

If you would like to find out more about whether or not you should install your own vinyl car wrap, then feel free to reach out to Wrap Guys America by calling us at 1-360-329-5413 or by contacting us through our online form to book an appointment.

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