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3 Tips to Maximize the Life of Your Car Wrap

If you have recently purchased a vinyl wrap for your vehicle or are looking for a vehicle wrap, it is crucial to learn about proper cleaning and care techniques. Failure to care for your wrap can result in damage such as fading, rips, and bubbling, each of which can reduce the usable life of your wrap. As a leading provider of partial and full vehicle wraps, the team at Wrap Guys America knows that a well-maintained wrap can last for many years. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 tips to maximize the life of your car wrap and ensure that you get the most out of your purchase.

Maximize the Life of Your Car Wrap

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3 Ways to Minimize Wear for Your Car Wrap

To ensure lasting durability and minimize wear for your vehicle wrap, consider the following tips:

1. Keep it Clean

While vinyl wraps require less maintenance and cleaning than paint, they still need to be routinely cleaned to dislodge foreign objects such as coffee, insects, bird droppings, and dirt. To clean your wrap, you only need a soft sponge and warm soapy water. By gently cleaning your wrap every two weeks, you are maximizing the appeal of the design while ensuring that no substances have a chance to bake onto the surface. Failing to clean your wrap can result in substances completely adhering to the surface, and these will likely cause damage when attempting to remove them.

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2. Store Your Vehicle in a Safe Location

Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight and other difficult weather conditions can cause damage to your wrap over time. To minimize exposure to the elements, it is best to park in covered areas such as garages and underground parkades whenever possible. This will protect your wrap and your vehicle from various forms of damage, maximizing the usable life of the vinyl and minimizing the chance of weather-based damage such as fading.

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3. Avoid High-Pressure Water and Wax

While you may be tempted to use a pressure washer or an automated car wash to clean your vinyl wrap, neither of these methods are recommended. Both methods feature intense water pressure and chemicals that can damage the vinyl. In some cases, the pressure can cause the wrap to rip and you will need to pay for repairs or a replacement. If you must use a pressure washer, be sure that the pressure is no greater than 1,000 PSI and that no harsh chemicals are used. In addition to high-pressure water, you should avoid using wax on your wrap as it will degrade the vinyl and increase the chance of damage.

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